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Why Should Your Business Invest In Content Writing?

No, it's not because content writers want your money

Content. A word that’s making a lot of noise right now. Many people have made successful careers out of this stream and many businesses have hugely benefited from this. But, why in 2020, a business on the internet should invest in content writing? There are X number of ways to grow your business and make tons of money, right?

So, why is it that so many businesses and even professionals are investing in content writing services?

How is it special? And what makes it so useful?

Well, let’s find out.

I’m not going to dig in to give you definitions and meanings here, because it’s 2020 and you should know how to use Google by now. But, I will take you back to the good old times when pretty much everyone invested time and money into “content”. By “content”, I mean…newspapers.

The Old Habit

Be it news, gossip, weather, job postings, real estate, you name it. There’s something for everyone to read in a newspaper and everyone enjoyed doing so (and some still do). Some businesses invested in article writing because they were quick to understand the psychology associated with reading and absorbing information, and wanted to leverage that.

Some businesses spent millions on ad writing and/or copywriting because people, in general, loved reading. The best part is, they still do! And businesses made millions and continue to make more.

So, who are these people?

It is you and me. We are these “people”.

Social Media – The Modern Day Newspaper

E-news portals, blogs, and social media channels are mimicking newspapers. Businesses online are trying to engage someone, anyone, and trying to convert them into long-term customers.

From a business perspective, engaging your audience is relatively easy with the blessings in disguise that the internet and social media are. You have a business, you want to establish your presence online, and you want your audience to look at your business as a brand, and not just as another business.

That’s where content comes into play.

People Love to Read

You see, people love to read. We’re all subconsciously absorbing information. Be it as words or as pictures with little text. Examples: Quotes, comics, ads, fact-check blurbs, and even memes. People are engaging with so much content on a daily basis. Sure, not in a way that you want them to, but definitely in a way that they get.

Now, it’s up to you if you want to project your content as words or into small blurbs on powerful creatives. Either way, your audience is going to engage with it, at least once or twice.

If your audience likes what you’re posting, they would ask their friends to engage with it too. Think about post sharing, retweeting, screenshot & share, and other forms of “sharing” information.

If you’re able to grab their attention and make your content look like it’s worth paying attention to; you’ve retained your audience. They’re going to stick around to see what more can you offer that will make them buy or take an interest in your products or services. And if your product or service is something that falls within their budget, you’ve scored a customer. 

Keep Your Audience

Everything from here on is pretty easy. Well, easy for businesses that want to keep the audience. However, you’ll need some more content to engage the audience in the next step of your business too.

When you want to send a feedback form to your customer or when your support team is trying to communicate with angry customers, content (support scripts, FAQ scripts) is still there. E-commerce notifications, the cosmetic appeal of your website, your products, your services, and post-sale operations, all need content in some shape or form.

Feels like we’re back to where we started, doesn’t it? Well, that’s because content is present in every step of your business.

Content Is Everywhere

Right from the copy that goes on your ad to the content on your landing page or website to the content on intermediate pages, sales pages, and post-sale pages, content is everywhere.

If it’s informing your audience about something, we call it content. If it’s leading them to buy your product, then it’s copywriting. (This is the surface-level explanation for these terms, but I will dig deep into their meaning in another post.) In some shape or form, content is always helping you build your presence, especially online.

From Business To Brand

Content plays a crucial role to sustain and grow your business. It helps transform your business into a brand. Content helps with brand association. How? The moment I see the word “utter”, I think about “Butter”, and my mind thinks about ‘Amul Butter’. This is called brand association – a very small part of the subject, but indeed a significant one. Now, if I asked you to think about the color “Red”, you too would think about some brand that associates itself with the color Red. (I thought about Colgate/Dabur Red Toothpaste). The right content activities can make this happen for your business as well.

Truly Speak To Your Audience

Content is not just some fancy words stitched together to push your brand on your audience. Content is the means of communication between your business and your audience. These typed out “words” are representing what you would say to a customer if you met them in person in order to sell your product. You may know how awesome your product or service is, but your audience doesn’t. Content will help you bridge this gap by effectively transforming your thoughts into words, and helps create an experience for the audience that lands on your page.

Are you still wondering why you should invest in content writing?

Well, if you want to transform your business into a brand, content is the way. Rather, the only way.

Well, content and design.

But that’s a topic for another day.

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